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Welcome to the new USA-AUTO-ONLINE.com 2.0. Internet service. We ensure a good quality search for the USA vehicles put up for the auctions. After modernization of the website, we are back with the new platform of auctioning and bidding cars from the USA.

 Simplified form of the search box on the homepage as well as the advanced filter system would help you to specify desired car, motorcycle or other vehicle configuration.

 From 40 000 to 50 000 bidding weekly!

 Thanks to the USA auction website, USA-AUTO-ONLINE, you are able to track all the vehicles available at the auctions in the USA.

 Damaged cars from the USA.

 Purchasing damaged cars from the USA is very popular among the Clients from Europe. Bidding broken cars makes it possible to purchase a vehicle for an attractive price. The amount of the auctions exceeds tens of thousands weekly. Therefore, you are able to choose a car from a great amount of available offers on USA-AUTO-ONLINE Internet service.

 Purchasing cars at the USA auctions styles:

 Every vehicle put up for the auction has specified type of sale:

  1. Buy now- includes definite price to pay in order to obtain a product at a given moment. 
  1. Minimum price-  unless a minimum price indicated by the seller is reached, the vehicle cannot be sold. 
  1. On approval - the seller reserves the right to accept the best offer submitted when bidding. 
  1. Pure Sale – price starts at zero- the highest bid, which is primarily accepted by the seller, wins.


You are allowed to bid for vehicles without registration and verification of your account. If you wish to enter a bid, just send a request from our website.

 Popular models at the auctions.

The world largest vehicle models are auctioned in the USA. Thanks to our platform, you can easily choose a model as well as  year of manufacture of a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle you are interested in, by the use of Home search.

Check out the full list of models available at the auctions.