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American car market is the largest in the world and at the same time the most developed and progressive. Tampering with the mileage of a car is a federal offense and thanks to that it has been successfully eradicated. Purchasing a vehicle in the USA you have certainty that the mileage you see is genuine. Another factor in favor of cars from American market is possibility of verification of their history. All incidents, of each and every automobile in America, are registered in a national database to which we have access through the websites like “Carfax” or “Autocheck”.


Change of ownership, a fender-bender, flooding, an accident, a repair or the annual overhaul are reported as well as the mileage of a car is recorded. This information gives us the real picture about a vehicle’s condition. An extensive network of American highways makes their car operation much lower than in Europe. People have at their disposal impeccable roads and drive with constant low speed around 65 mph (104 km/h). These conditions contribute to longer usage of engines, gearboxes and suspensions in comparison to European ones.