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We buy and export used cars from USA with the use of our professional and comprehensive procedure, based on our experience of many years, will allow us to complete your order safely and with no issues. We are an. authorized American used car dealer

On our website, you will find an American used cars and salvage vehicles for sale in USA. A choice of over 70,000 salvage auctions will allow you to carefully search through the American market and choose the best offer. 

We are shipping vehicles worldwide, mostly to Europe (Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana) and Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Yemen).


In order to meet your expectations, we provide full access to the vehicle history. Thanks to the expertise of CARFAX and inspection of salvage vehicles, we prevent bad and vile techniques used by dishonest sellers. Each car imported by us from the States has a full set of documentation of diagnosis, which is a proof of the history and mileage of the vehicle.Our many years of experience are our guarantee for each car exported from the USA. Our main aim is to buy and export used cars from the USA to port of destination closest to your country. In addition, on your request, we can order parts for American salvage vehicles

During the procedure of importing a vehicle from the USA, we will inform you about the current progress of the transaction. 

We will send you information when the vehicle leaves the US port and when it is reaching port of destination. We will also inform you about the date of sending the documents and send you the tracking number.