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Damage typeside

Secondary damageundercarriage


Drive line typefront-wheel drive

Body type

Fuel typegas




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Current price$ 175.0

Sale Statuspure sale

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Calculates truck cost to New Jersey and shipping cost to the Europe.


$ 480
Shipping cost$ 690
Export fee$ 150

Total:$ 0

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* Types of sales:

On minimum bid - the seller has set a minimum price that the car must reach in the auction to sell. If the car reaches an amount lower than the minimum price, the seller has the option of accepting this amount or proposing a new one. He may also resign from selling the vehicle. The buyer can agree to the proposed amount or propose his.

On approval - the seller reserves the right to accept the final bid amount. No sales will be made without this acceptance. The seller may also offer a different amount. The buyer may accept this amount or propose his own.

Pure sale - the car is sold for the amount obtained in the auction.

Popular questions and answers

How much cost to import a car from the US?

The cost of importing car from USA includes: vehicle value (purchase price), inland transport to the port, ocean freight to the port in Europe. From the amount of this investment, the customs duties are expressed as a percentage. It is a 10% duty and VAT. 

Cost of shipping car from the USA?

In order to calculate the cost of transport of vehicle from USA, we must know the location of the vehicle in USA (to determine the distance from the port / container base) and in particular the size of the vehicle. The average is an investment of $870 to $1,890 or more.

What are import duties of car from USA?

The duty on cars imported from the USA is: 10% for passenger cars, 22% for truck vehicles, 6% for motorcycles (for American production recreational vehicles, eg Harley-Davidson, then the so-called retaliation duty is added, which is now coming out + 25% to the base)

Where to buy cars in the USA?

We recommend that vehicles be purchased at official dealer auctions.
How much cost ocean freight of the vehicle from USA to Europe?
The sea freight is based on the size of the vehicle as well as the port of destination in Europe. In general, the fastest and cheapest is the service from Nowy York to the Dutch port in Rotterdam. The middle cost generally starts at $690 for medium size cars.

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