Most of the vehicles on the American market are sold by auction. Our company offers you an access to all the auctions of salvaged cars available in the United States. With our help, you can buy a car directly from an auction in the US.

How looks the order process

Finding a car:
The first thing you need to do is to find a car to your liking using the vehicle browser on our main page.
Automobile appraisal
Buying a car you need to know what your maximum amount you are ready to pay for it is. To have a sense of a car's value, it's recommended to compare prices in the previous auctions. In order to do that, click "valuate a car" seen under each picture of a car. Our employees will analyze the data and present you with an approximate appraisal of the car of your choosing.

Signing a contract:
If you accept our estimate purchase price, you download a contract form by clicking "order a car" and fill it in with your personal data. Next, print it as a PDF, then sign it and finally scan it and send to us via e-mail.

The contract must be secured with a deposit in the amount of 10% of the car value. Information about an account number and address will be emailed to you along with the signed contract. The deposit is necessary in case of your withdrawal from the deal after the purchase of the ordered vehicle. If your offer wins and you opt-out, the car auction website will charge us a fine in the amount of 10% of the item's final price. However, you will be fully reimbursed, if you withdraw from the auction one day before it starts (the date of an auction is given next to each car) or if your offer is outbid.

After a winning auction, you’ll receive instructions about money transfer that you make directly into the account of the American auction site.

When the transaction is finalized, the automobile is taken to our base in New Jersey. There, it's placed in a shipping container and transported directly to port od destination. After 15-30 days, your purchase is in port, where forwarding firm disengages the shipping container.

Custom clearance:
Under your power of attorney, forwarding firm makes the custom clearance of the car and send it under your address or any other indicated by you. The invoice for customs duty and shipping costs is emailed to you, and based on it you make payment. The original documents are delivered to you with your vehicle.